Cybersecurity is our only mission!

First Team Cyber can protect your business from the constantly changing world of security threats. Founded by Navy veterans with over sixty combined years of experience, we’ve chosen cyber security as our mission because we know what our country faces. First Team Cyber isn’t something to do, its an extension of our patriotic obligations.

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Our Services

With the right team, anything is possible!

Compliance Management

Are you aware of new and evolving risks and if they apply to your organization?  We can build sustainable compliance programs that flex to accommodate the new and evolving risk landscape.

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Policy Management

We have a team of experts who can review your existing cyber security policies, standards, controls, procedures and metrics.

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Cyber Security Management

Simply buying security tools will not solve your security problems.

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Risk Management

Organizations might want to consider risk management services for a comprehensive assessment and a solution recommendation to make sure their security budget aligns with the organizations strategic vision.

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Autonomous Penetration Testing as a Service (APTaaS)

In today’s environment of constant cyber attacks, organizations must presume an initial breach has already occurred and attackers have a foothold in their systems. Our APTaaS can help organizations find and fix attack vectors before attackers can exploit them.

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Project Management

Cyber security is crucial to every project, regardless of how sensitive the data you’re dealing with is.

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CISO and Staffing Services

For many small and medium businesses, hiring full-time, executive cyber security roles isn’t always possible.

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How do we ensure you'll be cyber safe?

Step 1 - Assessment
First Team Cyber performs a detailed risk assessment of your current network, physical security, and required business processes. We then prepare a System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) so you can rest easy that you’re on a path to success.

Step 2 - Remediation
This step addresses the findings from your risk assessment. Depending on the state of your organization, this can be as simple as implementing multi-factor authentication and security awareness training or as complex as refreshing an entire aging infrastructure.  No matter where you are on the spectrum, First Team Cyber will manage this process.

Step 3 - Monitoring & Maintenance
Ongoing advanced cyber security monitoring and incident response capabilities are required to remain safe. You must also constantly assess and maintain your newly implemented security controls over time as systems change and fall out of alignment.  Our monthly service will keep you safe, but more importantly, it will improve your level of cyber maturity.

Why you need First Team Cyber’s Compliance and Risk Management Services?

First Team Cyber’s co-founders are compliance and risk management experts with more than sixty years of combined Department of Defense (DoD) experience across all areas of operational management, systems design, systems maintenance and systems acquisition.


Hackers change their methods constantly, so the rules and regulations that govern compliance and risk management are in a constant state of change. Understanding the threat landscape and the regulatory changes to update policies and processes current can be a complex and time-consuming challenge. First Team Cyber, stays on top of the threatscape and regulations.


As your organization grows and technology increases, compliance and risk management also need to scale. With increased digitization comes a better chance to stumble upon issues with security, data loss, and regulations. First Team Cyber provides you with customized compliance and risk management services that scale at any time to meet your evolving needs, ensure processes align with business objectives.


Through risk and compliance process automation and best practices to develop policies, standards and procedures, First Team Cyber simplifies cyber security so you focus on your business.

Compliance and Remediation

The cost of noncompliance and poor risk management can have long-lasting damaging impact on an organization. It can lead to loss of profits, loss of customer trust, and even to business closure. First Team Cyber will help you develop, implement and support an effective compliance and risk management strategy so you maintain a strong reputation and maximize investments.


By standardizing end-to-end compliance and risk management processes and controls, First Team Cyber can help enhance productivity and increase cost and time savings. Keeping a prioritized focus on resolving issues that potentially could have the greatest impact helps us to deliver maximum value to your organization.