Challenge: For businesses, hiring a full-time, dedicated executive cybersecurity role or technical security resource is challenging.

How do we help? With our staffing services, we can make sure your cybersecurity strategy supports your institution's goals by:

  • Tapping into experienced industry professionals with significant cybersecurity experience.
  • Aligning cybersecurity with strategic business objectives to ensure that technology recommendations remain aligned with your institution’s overall strategic objectives today and as the threat landscape evolves.
  • Complementing whatever security staff you have in place—either from our team or helping you recruit the right talent.

Available Skill Sets:

Chief Information Security Officer

Participation on your steering committees to provide strategic guidance, assist with cybersecurity budget planning and develop your cyber security infrastructure road map.


Assistance in the development and maintenance of your cybersecurity strategic plan; define cybersecurity projects and provide supervision of strategic cybersecurity initiatives.


Examination and cybersecurity audit consultation, including how to respond to cybersecurity-related questionnaires for third-party and regulatory agencies, third-party cybersecurity audit support and consultation to prioritize audit-finding remediation.


Disaster recovery planning, including consultation for enhancements to disaster recovery testing procedures and assisting with the development of your business continuity-planning program.


Support and execution of tactical security activities including implementation, maintenance, upgrades, incident response, patch management and more.

We understand the cost of employing dedicated cybersecurity professionals in an organization can be prohibitive and difficult to justify, but it shouldn’t stop you from seeking the strategic insight you need to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity posture.

Find out how First Team Cyber’s Cybersecurity Staffing Services can help your company become more competitive, compliant and profitable. Call us today.

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