Looking to cut cost?  First Team Cyber LLC’s penetration testing will save you time and money.  Here’s why.

Penetration tests are relatively inexpensive tools to help prioritize initiatives to cost-effectively reduce and avoid the risk of potentially costly security breaches.  They:

  • Penetration tests are budget friendly.  Compared against the cost of infrastructure investments, IT staff, and software integration projects.
  • Vulnerability scanners alone may leave you exposed.  Vulnerability scans are a good baseline for protecting your computing and information assets, however, a thorough penetration test from a skilled pen testing firm can help identify risks not detected by vulnerability scanning.
  • Reduce the risk of a security breach.  A thorough penetration test will help you identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited to cause a breach, and help you avoid additional unexpected costs.
  • Prioritize value-add initiatives.  Penetration tests clearly describe the remediation activities that will provide the most positive impact to your security posture, and will allow you to save time and money on less impactful endeavors.
  • Do more with less.  A penetration test can ensure that, at the very least, the technologies you do have are robustly protected, and can delay the need to modernize, at least from a security perspective.
  • Protect company morale.  Morale is key to productivity and anything you can do to protect morale is a must.

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