Our security awareness training powered by Hook Security is a new age cybersecurity behavioral training platform. We utilize current strategies used by the real “bad guys” to phish your employees. When they click on our phishing testing emails, they are redirected to an entertaining video to train them and make them more cyber-aware without fear of harsh scolding and punishment.

Cybersecurity can easily become a subject based around fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This type of negative culture creates more room for error. By focusing on entertainment and easily digestible educational content, we create a healthy, positive, security-awareness culture in your company.

“Why do we need training?”

The human element is the weakest component in a company’s security, and attackers exploit this fact. This is why they use tools to target humans at an organization. Tools like phishing emails exploit human vulnerabilities. When successfully used, something as simple as a phishing email can compromise an entire organization and its network.

Our psychological security training aims to resolve this by directly focusing on the human factor. We research and craft simulated phishing attempts based on tactics that criminals are currently using. Then, when employees fall prey to the trap, we give them a short, educational but entertaining video training experience. The aim of this training is to help employees stay aware of and help them understand the necessity of cybersecurity awareness.

The Process

Our training process consists of 3 steps:


We deploy real life custom simulated phishing attacks to sharpen your employees’ awareness of social engineering threats. Telling someone what a phishing attack looks like is not nearly as effective as having them fall for it themselves, but in a safe, learning environment.


When your employees click on a phishing simulation email, they are redirected at the point of infraction to a short, simple training page. We provide educational training to all of your employees through our fun and engaging content.


Each month we send you an easy to read, actionable report, and continually provide valuable feedback and support to broaden cybersecurity awareness and monitor your trends. Being able to see your weaknesses and address them gives business owners the best chance to defend against cyber-attacks.

Result: “Now I See IT”

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