Challenge: Managing ongoing cyber security programs is complex. Cyber touches all aspects of your company’s business activities, including onboarding and termination, vendor management, security equipment implementation and secure software development to business continuity management, data backup to event monitoring and incident response. Cyber security is not your core expertise which requires our experience to make cyber projects successful.

How do we help? First Team Cyber helps you:

  • Implement a plan of action and milestone (POA&M) that identifies required cyber tasks. It details resources required to accomplish the elements of the plan, milestones, and scheduled completion dates.
  • Continually update the plan to show progress made on outstanding items and incorporates the results, as required by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For example, NIST guidance states that each Organization must report all incidents and internally document remedial actions and their impact.

Let First Team Cyber’s Project Management service assist you to successfully develop your POA&M and deliver your time-constrained high-profile security project successfully!

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