Our Mission:

Founded by Navy veterans with more than sixty combined years of experience as auditors and auditees, First Team Cyber has chosen cyber security as its mission. We know what our country faces from domestic and foreign attackers because we live it. First Team Cyber was founded to bring our experience and patriotism to the private sector, help educate business owners and government administrators on how to use technology to become more efficient and productive in their day-to-day operations. We provide outstanding support necessary to keep your networks and computers running at optimal performance, and to keep your business safe and secure.

Our Approach:

First Team Cyber doesn’t want to be the people you call when something breaks. Rather, we proactively guide business partners to new technologies that can help our clients be more efficient, profitable and secure. Our approach means we:

  • Act as an advisor to our clients, monitoring their vital IT systems to prevent problems and eliminate downtime.
  • Analyze their businesses to recommend specific technology solutions that help growth.

Our Values:

For more than 240 years, members of the US Navy have stood ready to protect our nation and our freedom. First Team Cyber’s founders are former senior United States Naval Officers who live by the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These core values are the foundation they used to build trust and leadership throughout their Navy careers and is the cornerstones upon which First Team Cyber is built.  Every member of the team understands and lives by these Core Values. We at First Team Cyber are ready to carry out our mission: to protect our nation and our freedoms while educating our clients, partners and co-workers with the constantly changing cyber security regulations and protecting them with the latest cyber security tools.

Why are we different?

  1. We provide flat rate project pricing. Unlike other cyber security consulting firms that give you an estimate with an hourly rate for “unexpected circumstances,” we will give you one flat rate for a project and guarantee to deliver your solutions without charging a penny more.
  2. Flexible-term contracts. Our clients prefer proactive monitoring to maintain their technology programs with one of our monthly maintenance and support plans. These flat-fee monthly plans come with flexibility to align with your long-term strategic business goals.
  3. We are the ONLY technical support company that offers a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee. Hire us to come on-site and put an end to your most challenging cyber security problems. If after our first visit you are not happy with our consultants or the work we perform, you will not be charged. No risk, no hassle. We also have a “fix it right the first time” guarantee. If we don’t completely solve your problem on our first attempt, our second attempt is free.
  4. No geek speak, just English. Our job isn’t to dazzle you with fancy technical terms. We will answer every question you have in plain English and make sure you understand what options you have available so you can make decisions based on your priorities and budget.
  5. We are big enough to handle anything and small enough to provide individual attention. Whether it’s building a new network from the ground up or helping you with error messages, we’re there. All clients get a dedicated senior consultant with teams of back up technicians to ensure you get full support.

Our Leadership

Dan Berger, CISSP, PMP
President and Co-founder

A former senior U.S. Naval Information Warfare Officer and Iraq war veteran, Mr. Berger is a results-driven technology and cyber security executive manager. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in diverse industries, including defense, healthcare, engineering and finance. Mr. Berger’s expertise includes team leadership, technical architecture, training and development, risk management, disaster recovery planning, and information protection analysis.

He is dynamic, resourceful, and an extremely driven individual with a deep passion for creating and delivering programs and solutions that empower teams, organizations, and clients to meet and exceed their desired expectations.

Mr. Berger currently holds ISC2’s Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional certifications.

Awards Received:

  • The U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA International “Copernicus Award” for IT Leadership
  • The Department of the Navy’s IT Management Excellence Award

Steve Harris
Vice President and Co-founder

A retired senior U.S. Naval Information Warfare Officer and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Harris is a motivational leader that is able to create true team culture and lead by example to achieve remarkable results. Entrepreneurial-minded professional with extensive experience leading all facets of governmental, manufacturing and medical operations across diverse industries.

Mr. Harris has been leading and implementing information security plans and programs for the past thirty-five years. While he began his career in the United States Navy, he found his niche in information security and has accrued years of expertise and experience in designing, troubleshooting, and implementing network infrastructure and information security plans.

He is excited for the opportunity to bring his expertise to any project and is ready to hit the ground running. Mr. Harris most recently worked with South Carolina’s Division of Security. His work involved meeting with several South Carolina agencies regarding implementation and adherence to statewide security initiatives.

Award Received:

  • The U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA International “Copernicus Award” for IT Leadership