Challenge: Companies that don’t implement effective long-term security policies lose CMMC compliance. Worse, many small firms lack the necessary security experience and don’t even know where to start when it comes security policy management. The first step towards having a strong cyber security program and passing an audit is having appropriate documentation that you can use to prove to the DoD that you are doing what is required

How do we help? If you are looking to jump-start your NIST 800 series compliance and Cyber security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). First Team Cyber can:

  • Review existing cyber security policies, standards, controls, procedures and metrics.
  • Address the problems from the review regarding weak or non-existent cyber security documentation.

The issues with managing policies yourself:

Lack of In House Security Experience. Most companies lack specialized expertise in the NIST framework. Tasking your managers, IT personnel or security staff to research and write comprehensive documentation is not a wise use of their time. This is not an efficient method to obtain comprehensive guidance on NIST 800 series compliance requirements.  First Team Cyber’s Policy Management program provides the expertise you need to have a world-class cyber security program.

For your internal staff to generate comparable documentation, it would take them an estimated 150 internal staff work hours, which equates to a cost of approximately $11,250 in staff-related expenses. This is about 2-3 months of development time where your staff would be diverted from other work.  First Team Cyber’s Policy Management program can cut the development time in half and if you sign up for our monthly compliance management services, the cost for developing your documentation is FREE.

Audit Failures. Without being able to demonstrate compliance with NIST 800 series, your organization will likely lose government contracts - it is as simple as that. First Team Cyber’s Policy Management program can jump-start your organization towards being compliant with NIST 800 series requirements.

Vendor Requirements. It is very common for clients and partners to request evidence of a security program and this includes policies and standards. First Team Cyber’s Policy Management program can provide this evidence!

So how can we solve your policy management issues?

We take a holistic approach to creating comprehensive cyber security documentation that is both scalable and affordable. This is beyond just generic policies and allows you to build out an audit-ready cyber security program for your organization!

Clear Documentation. In an audit, clear and concise documentation is half the battle. First Team Cyber provides comprehensive documentation that can prove your security compliant program exists. This equates to a time saving of hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in staff and consultant expenses!

Time Savings. Time is money! Our cyber security documentation addresses DFARS and FAR requirements and this can provide your organization with a semi-customized solution that requires minimal resources to fine tune for your organization's specific needs.

Alignment with Leading Practices. We did the heavy lifting. Our documentation is mapped to the NIST framework, as well as other leading security frameworks!

First Team Cyber is here to help.  Contact us today to schedule a policy review.

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