Challenge: You’re not a cyber security expert. How do you have the expertise to balance tools and services for risk management services against your organizations strategic vision. Ideally, an organization will develop a comprehensive security posture that includes a combination of technologies such as firewalls, endpoint protection, intrusion prevention, threat intelligences and access controls. Additionally, organizations consider risk management services for a comprehensive assessment and solution recommendations to make sure they optimize security budgets.

How do we help? First Team Cyber’s cyber security risk management service is an ongoing process, something the NIST Framework recognizes as “a living document” that is intended to be revised and updated as risk evolves.  First Team Cyber conducts:

  • An original risk assessment we will help you advance from your current risk posture to the desired risk posture.
  • A monthly risk management plan that includes risk assessments to look for new vulnerabilities and threats and will address and mitigate them to maintain your enterprise’s risk posture at the desired level.

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